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How to Be Seen by a Physical Therapist:
A Physician referral is required by law in Texas to facilitate services for evaluation and treatment of your condition. A Medical Doctor(MD). Physicians Assistant (PA), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Podiatrist(DPM), and Chiropractor(DC) are all able to refer you for Physical Therapy at which time you may attend Physical Therapy anywhere that you want to receive services.
How do I choose a PT?
The best way to choose a PT is do some research. Ask your Doctor, ask your friends, there will be many people you know that have had Physical Therapy services performed to them in the past. Do you want to travel 30 miles to receive treatment 3 times a week? Not me. I prefer a closer convenient drive. Go to your local Physical therapist and visit with them about your needs and determine if they can be met.

When you phone in to make an appointment we are trained and happy to help you learn about your insurance coverage for Physical therapy benefits at Oliver Physical Therapy.

Oliver Physical Therapy offers outpatient treatment for most all of your treatment needs in a private practice outpatient setting

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Mon-Thu:8:00 am - 6:30 pm
Fri:8:00 am - 5:00 pm
All Major Credit Cards are accepted to assist in patient co pays and deductibles associated with each insurance plan. Personal checks and Debit cards are also welcome to assist in payment options. We sell TheraBand products, BioFreeze, TENS units and electrodes... Please call for pricing if interested. 1-361-488-6335


"To create and provide a safe healthcare relationship with our patients"


We strive to create a positive healthy atmosphere in the clinic environment for healing all people who seek our services. An environment that listens to your needs, meets your expectations and restores each person to the desired outcome or goal with improved health.


To help customers attain the most optimal level of function by empowering them through skills, knowledge, hands on care and compassion.

What We Do?

Improve the quality of your life. We want to help you use your body for recovery and for building strength. We want to help you create a lifestyle that reduces or eliminates need for drugs or surgeries whenever practical or possible in the treatment of the problem that brings you to us.


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"I never thought that I would recover after my accident. I was
in more pain than I had ever been in before. After a few sessions,
with Oliver PT, I feel better than ever!"


"I got injured on the field during the last game in the season.
I didn't think that I was going to play next season, but after
months of work and rehab, I feel better than ever!"